Gedong Mini Isthmus Project Briefing by BDC during the Land and Survey Department of Sarawak Compensation Cheque Presentation Ceremony

On 12th April 2023, BDC was invited to provide a progress update on the Mini Isthmus Gedong Master Plan during Majlis Penyampainan Cek Pampasan organised by the Land and Survey Department of Sarawak, which was attended by the Premier of Sarawak and representatives from several State agencies.   

Mini Isthmus Gedong project was announced by YAB Premier in October 2022, covers an area of 296 acres or 119.80 hectares and aims to provide basic infrastructures such as government offices, training institutions, commercial centres, and recreational areas.  

The development will be divided into three phases and the 1st phase which includes roads, schools, affordable housing, a light industrial complex, sports complex, mosque, a fuel station, hotel and community centre is expected to commence soon. 

The development of the Gedong Mini Isthmus will bring about significant changes to the development landscape of the Gedong district and the surrounding regions in the future.   

We are excited to showcase our work and achievements in Gedong.